Cruising Canada & New England

  • Spectacular Fall Foliage: One of the main attractions of cruising in New England is the breathtaking fall foliage. The vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold paint the landscapes, creating a picturesque backdrop along the coasts.
  • Historic Ports of Call: The region boasts charming and historic ports of call such as Boston, allowing cruisers to immerse themselves in the rich history and diverse cultures of these areas.
  • Whale Watching Opportunities: Cruising in this region offers excellent opportunities for whale watching, especially in places like the Bay of Fundy. Passengers can witness the majestic presence of humpback and minke whales, adding a memorable wildlife element to their journey.
  • Mild Summer Weather: The best time to cruise in New England is typically during the summer months, from June to September. This period offers milder weather conditions, making it ideal for exploring onshore attractions and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Culinary Delights: Seafood enthusiasts will find the New England cruise route a culinary haven, with access to some of the freshest lobster, scallops, and clams. Local markets and waterfront restaurants provide a taste of the region’s delectable maritime cuisine.
  • Quaint Coastal Towns: Cruisers can experience the charm of quaint coastal towns with their cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and friendly locals. These towns, such as Bar Harbor and Newport, offer a laid-back atmosphere and a chance to explore unique shops and galleries.

In summary, cruising in New England during the summer months provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical exploration, and culinary delights. Passengers can witness the stunning fall foliage, visit charming ports, and indulge in fresh seafood while enjoying the mild weather of this picturesque region.

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