1. Cruises

We will never charge a fee to book a Cruise.  We have our Gray Elephant Cruise Booking Engine which makes it easy to book and manage your cruise.  There is no reason for us to charge you a fee.  This would be against what we love to do, cruise!

Our cruise services includes assistance with flights, pre and post hotels, transfers, cruise reminders such as when to check in, when you can make restaurant and show reservations, ensuring you have the proper documentation for boarding.

2. Formula 1 Race Packages and Cruises

We will never charge a fee to book a Formula 1 Race Package or a Formula 1 Cruise.  We love F1 and want to share our passion for F1 racing.  If we charged fees,  this would be against what we love to do, watch F1 racing!

3. All Inclusive Resorts

Currently we do not charge a fee for All Inclusives.  Our AI packages include researching resorts, help with airlines, transfers to resorts, assistance with booking excursions, and other activities.

4. Hotels, Flights, and Transfers

If you book a cruise or a F1 package with us, we will never charge you a fee to use our services.

5. Hotels

$99 for 3 hotels with room options based on your budget.  Looking for the ideal accommodation and want some help quicky determining the best options for your destination? We can send you the three best options given your tastes, budget, and preferences.

If it’s a partner hotel I will also be able to include the VIP perks and amenities that typically include breakfast for 2 daily, hotel or resort credit, top of the list for upgrade at check-in, and more.

6. Stand Alone Flights

Due to changes in airlines and how unpredictable flying has become, we have decided to not offer airfare as a stand alone service.

7. Transfers 

Due to changes in airlines and how unpredictable flying has become, we have decided to not offer transfers as a stand alone service.

8. Rush Fees

When working with a Travel Advisor, we require a minimum of 60 days for the planning process. If a timeframe of less than 60 days is requested, a $99 rush planning fee will be applicable. The rush planning fee covers up to 8 guest included in a booking with the same itinerary, flights, hotels, cruises, etc.

9. How we create income

As we established Gray Elephant Travel Co., a core principle that resonated strongly with us was the commitment to transparency and honesty with our clients. We prioritize being open about our revenue generation processes, and even if it means losing a sale, our paramount focus is on maintaining honesty and transparency and building trust. Our goal is for clients to understand our genuine concern for their well-being, our desire to secure the best outcomes for them, and the assurance that we support them.  We want to be your Travel Partner for life.

Cruise lines, all inclusive resorts, and our F1 packages pay us a small commission for selling their products.  All other products that we sell typically do not pay us.  This is why we charge a small fee for some of our services.

If you have any questions about any services that we provide, please reach out.  I will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have, Christopher Hall, President

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