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Why Choose Virgin Voyages?


This holiday is just for those 18 and over. No kidding. (See what we did there?) With elevated experiences curated with adults in mind, we’ve created a place where only your Sailors’ inner-child will be roaming free.

Relaxed Luxe

We’ve ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring your Sailors fresh flavors and unexpected pairings with made-to-order food from our 20+ unique eateries—all included. Dine on churrasco steak and lemon cheesecake at The Wake, mezze-style bites and glasses of rosé in the open air of The Dock, or get your crew together for a lively Korean BBQ free-for-all at Gunbae—all with views of the waves. No stuffiness, just premium service and endless options—all On Us.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

We didn’t just build a cruise, we set out to create a revolutionary way to explore the world. From longer stays and overnights at ports, to diverse entertainment and dining experiences, your Sailors will never want to sail any other way. Plus, all of our voyages always include over $600 in extras, like dining at 20+ unique eateries, WiFi, group fitness classes, tips, and essential drinks.

Boutique Glamour

Combining the luxury of a yacht with the diverse options of a larger ship, our Creative Collective designed an environment that inspires personal and experiential connection — spaces where the sea is always front and center. Whether you’re living large in a Tom Dixon-designed suite or taking in the views from a Sea Terrace, technology and sustainability are all around; tinted windows, LED lighting, eco-sensors, and thoughtfully-sourced materials are just a few of the design choices that help our ship use less energy, without sacrificing style.

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Virgin Voyages Currently Consist of 4 Ships:
Scarlet Lady, Valent Lady, Brilliant Lady, and Resilient Lady

Life on board

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