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Prepping for Your First Cruise

Ahoy there, future sea travelers! If it’s your first time hearing the beckoning call of the ocean and the allure of new shores, we’ve got your back. Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom to help make your maiden voyage smooth sailing all the way:

Be Thorough with Documentation: Nothing ruins that pre-cruise excitement faster than bungled paperwork. Ensure you have the correct travel documents ready. Passport, visa, ID-check, double-check and then check again!

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Be Early, Be Merry: Sure, the cruise won’t leave without you if you have booked your flights through the cruise line. But why risk a non-cruise-scheduled flight delay? Arriving a day early gives you the extra time to handle unexpected delays, and start your cruise stress-free.


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Think About Insurance: While we love positive thinking, let’s face it, stuff happens. Cruise insurance could be a holiday saver should any unforeseen incidents occur during your trip.


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Diets and Dining: Your dietary needs or style don’t need to take a vacation. Most cruises offer flexible dining times, types, and there’s even 24/7 room service in most cases.


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Stateroom Selection Sensibly: Get informed about the layout of the ship and choose your stateroom thoughtfully. Don’t forget to consider elements like proximity to amenities or susceptibility to noise.


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Pack Smart: Cruise ships aren’t always tolerant of over-packers. Space may be limited, so smart, versatile clothing options are the name of the game!


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Stay tuned for more of our sea-worthy insights in the next installment.

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